A small company with knowledge, skills, experience and low costs can provide high-quality services at a competitive price. We briefly describe Ulingo's language services below, and more information is available under each individual service.

The translation process in particular involves taking into account the subject matter (terminology) and how the message should be conveyed (tone and style level). A translation process can involve multiple components, and you may wish to obtain assistance regarding one or more of these. Ulingo offers translation services, localisation (including brand name checking) and checking of translations carried out by other parties. 

Translation can sometimes also involve transcription, i.e. the source text consists of an audio or video recording rather than written text. In such cases, we carry out not only translation from one language to another but also conversion from one format to another. You can submit audio or video recordings in a range of formats. Ulingo also offers pure transcription services (i.e. documenting the content of the audio or video recordings in written form, without carrying out any subsequent translation). More information about our transcription services is available here.

Ulingo ensures that your intended message is conveyed in a manner that has the right style and tone, is tailored to the desired purpose and is linguistically correct. Monolingual proofreading, as well as text content and language reviews of your texts, are important steps in ensuring that your output is of the highest quality before being published. We also offer copywriting services. Just as with the translation process, monolingual language services can involve multiple components, and you may wish to obtain assistance regarding one or more of these. Perhaps at some point you would like to have your quality controlled, monolingual text, translated - translators at Ulingo always translate into their native language and we can therefore provide a translated end product, in English or in Swedish, with the same high quality as the original.

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