Ulingo's GDPR notice
How I handle your personal data

Who I am:
My name is Ulrika Borking, the owner Ulingo. I want to take care of the personal data I receive from my clients, colleagues, and suppliers in the best possible way, and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. In this document I describe what kinds of personal data I handle, why I handle them, and what I do with that data. You may contact me in my capacity as data controller by writing to me at this address: Ulrika Borking, Älvsjövägen 12, SE-125 45 Älvsjö, Sweden; or by emailing me at info@ulingo.se.

1. Personal data that I handle as part of the administration of the company
If you have given me your contact details so that I can perform an assignment for you, or
so that you can perform an assignment for me, I save them so that we can stay in touch during the assignment and afterwards. Normally I only save the contact details in my email program (G-mail). After the assignment is complete, I use your bank details to invoice you, or pay you as a supplier. All such financial transactions are saved in my accounting system, and must be kept for at least 7 years, according to Swedish accounting law. This information is stored in digital form in my computer and backup systems, and in paper form in my office. I have no other database of clients or suppliers, and I do not forward your data to any third party unless we have formally agreed that I may do so.

2. Personal data in emails
I save all my company correspondence in my email program, so that I can give you the best possible service next time we are in touch. I store all the information you have sent me by email, for example your email address, and the contact information in your email signature. I also store agreements concerning assignments, questions about terms and other information related to assignments, etc., which normally does not contain personal data. If you send me sensitive information that you would like me to erase once the assignment has been completed, please let me know.

3. Personal data that appear in work documents (documents that I translate or review according to client agreements)
Sometimes personal data such as names, and occasionally contact details, can appear in the texts I receive from you for translation or review. There could, for example, be contact details in press releases and the names of those interviewed for articles. Personal data may also include specific categories, such as health information, but only if you send these data to me for the specific purpose of translating or reviewing them.
I store all source texts and translations on my computer to use as a reference in future translations. The texts are also stored as segments (sentence by sentence) in a translation database that I use for consistency in future translations. I keep one translation database per client, and these are not shared. When a client explicitly stops doing business with Ulingo, I erase the database, unless agreed otherwise.

What are the legal grounds for my handling of personal data?

Regarding points 1 and 2 above, the legal basis for my handling of personal data is that it enables me to fulfil the agreement that we enter into when you buy a service from Ulingo.

Regarding point 3 above, the legal basis for my handling of personal data is that it is necessary for ends concerning our legitimate interests. This means that I consider our interest in using previous translations as a reference, to be able to achieve consistency in our translations, outweighs the privacy violation that may occur due to my handling of personal data. This assessment has been made in consideration of the fact that the amount of personal data that appears in work documents is very small; that they are not of a sensitive nature; that they have previously been published or will be published by the client that ordered the translation; and that they are not shared.

The legal basis for my handling of specific categories of personal data, such as health information, is your explicit consent for me to translate or review that information.

Your rights to managing your personal data

You have the right to ask me to show you, make changes in, or erase the information we have saved about you. I will take action without undue delay, and in any event no later than within a month of receiving your request. If you have any questions concerning how I handle your personal data, please contact me.

This document was updated on January 10th, 2022, and will be reviewed as and when necessary.