Ulingo offers translations from:

  • English to Swedish
  • Danish to Swedish
  • Norwegian to Swedish

Example of text types:

  • Finance (financial reports, quotations and KIIDs)
  • PR and corporate communications (presentations and press releases)
  • Data/IT (manuals and user interfaces)
  • Law (collaboration agreements and terms of use)
  • Marketing (websites, brochures and newsletters)

I also work with transcreation processes and localisation for the Swedish market within areas such as consumer electronics, interior design, fashion and beauty.

   A bit more about the translation process, for those interested... 

The translation process in particular involves taking into account the subject matter (terminology) and how the message should be conveyed (tone and style level). A translation process can involve multiple components, and you may wish to obtain assistance regarding one or more of these. I offer translation services, localisation (including brand name checking) and checking of translations carried out by other parties.

Localising a text means adapting a translated text to fit a new context. This may be particularly important when translating, for example, a website or marketing material. Visitors are more likely to interact with and take in the content of the website or marketing material if they are met by their own native language as well as familiar linguistic, cultural and stylistic elements and references. Company or products names can also be checked in order to avoid unwanted or controversial associations in a new market (brand name checking)Creative translation, or transcreation, involves taking a holistic view of the original content and using creative freedom to ensure that the translation creates the intended effect for the reader. This is particularly important for marketing material or a brand’s tagline or slogan, and can also include the analysis of images and fonts.

Proofreading translations is the final stage in a standard translation process. In addition, Ulingo also offers checking of translations carried out by other parties. This could be a text that you have translated yourself or a text that you have had translated by a third party and which you wish to have quality controlled. The translated text is checked against the original source text in order to ensure that the content, language, style, tone and grammar are correctly translated and that the text gives the impression of originally being written in the target language text rather than being a translation from another language.
Every translation is different. Each text is unique and there can be various different reasons for you wanting to translate a text from English into Swedish for example. Ulingo translates your texts so that they remain true to your message and to the aim and purpose of the text, even after having undergone translation. And it is a given that Ulingo provides translations that are done in a professional manner and result in a high quality output text that sounds good in all respects: linguistically, idiomatically and stylistically.