Proofreading services

Proofreading of Swedish texts

Ulingo ensures that your intended message is conveyed in a manner that has the right style and tone, is tailored to the desired purpose and is linguistically correct. Monolingual proofreading, as well as text content and language reviews of your texts, are important steps in ensuring that your output is of the highest quality before being published.

  • With monolingual proofreading, no translation has previously taken place, but instead the text to be checked is already in the required language. The proofreading ensures that possible spelling and grammatical errors are identified and corrected; it is often beneficial to have another set of eyes go through your text from scratch, in order to avoid errors slipping in and lowering the overall impression and resulting impact of the text.
  • Reviewing the content of a text and the type of language it uses involves, in addition to correcting any actual errors, taking a holistic view of the text and ensuring that it address the intended audience in the best possible way. Ulingo proofreads the text and then also analyses its intended context and use in order to achieve the most appropriate output with regard to terminology, style and content.